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Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP)

The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet will accelerate and scale equitable energy transitions in low- and middle-income countries serving as an onramp to opportunity for 1 billion people, while averting carbon emissions, expanding energy access, and creating jobs in the process.

Without electricity, a person is powerless in today’s global economy. Entrepreneurs can’t launch new ventures, children can’t study at night, doctors can’t store life-saving vaccines.

Today, more than 800 million people still live in the dark, without any access to electricity. Another 2.8 billion people don’t have enough reliable power.

At the same time, the world is facing an existential climate crisis — and has been focused on reducing emissions in large, advanced economies in order to mitigate it.

Yet too little attention is being paid to energy-poor countries, home to half the world’s population but far fewer investments in renewables. By 2050, these countries could produce 75 percent of global emissions.

To change energy for good and to alter the trajectory of the climate crisis, The Rockefeller Foundation and its partners are investing $10 billion to establish The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP).

Led by The Rockefeller Foundation, GEAPP will benefit from the resources, networks, influence, and dedication of a consortium of partners, including the Bezos Earth Fund and the IKEA Foundation. Several international finance corporations and multilateral development banks also are providing financing.

This is not just another commitment. GEAPP has the resources and agreements in place to start catalyzing the big investments, technical support, and regulatory changes needed to scale the latest advances in green energy technology everywhere.

GEAPP aims to extend clean, productive-use energy to 1 billion underserved people, create tens of millions of green jobs, and avoid and avert over 4 billion tons of emissions. It will build a transformational pipeline of projects by supporting the decommissioning and repurposing of fossil fuel plants, utility-wide adoption of renewable energy, and reliable, productive-use power for off-grid and underserved communities.

For more information and to access the Call for Transformation Country Partnerships, which invites eligible countries to apply for technical support and funding, please visit the full site of The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet.

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